Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Male and Female Omegas

It was from the Vox Day site that I found links to Roissy and Alpha Game, which are rather cynical about the relationships between the sexes. Men who are utterly unpopular with women are referred to as "Omegas." Supposedly there are no female Omegas.

I agree with the first and not the second.

A male Omega is a guy with no job, who lives on welfare or disability, is so physically digusting no women would have anything to so with him, and whose only sex is with whores, if he can find one to do him.

They're the kind of guys who wander around asking for cigarettes or money, usually claiming they need bus money.

Then there females Omegas. They are unmarried, have children out of wedlock, live on welfare, don't have a job, and are lucky to have a car. They never understand why no guy is interested in them and in fact blame their problems on men.

These sites don't refer to female Omegas as Omegas, but they exist.

The old saying is a man can get married and a woman can get laid. A male Omega can't get laid or married. A female Omega may not be able to get laid, except by a male Omega, and can't even get married.

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