Friday, March 26, 2010

The Time I Got Bit by a Pit Bull

Over a year ago I was handing some money to my nephew and the pit bull sitting quietly in his lap jumped up and bit me on my right bicep.

I said, "He got me" and walked into the bathroom and pulled up my shirtsleeve. There were four small puncture wounds. And the skin was already bruised. It took three days for the bruise to reach its worst color.

The bite itself did not hurt at all. It felt like an electric shock, but the pressure of the bite was so intense, so hard, even though it did not hurt, I knew I had been pretty badly damaged.

I always thought a dog bite would tear the skin and hurt badly. Not necessarily. Other people I have talked to have gone through the same thing -- really no tearing of the skin, but very bad bruising.

This particular pit ended up in the pound. I wasn't the first person he had bitten. More like the third.

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