Monday, July 28, 2008

Norman the Pug, R.I.P.

Norman the Pug went downhill so fast I had to put him to sleep last Friday. He was unconscious for 24 hours, and when he briefly woke up wouldn't eat and barely drank anything. He had liver, kidney, lung and heart problems, and epilepsy. He was barely breathing and his heartbeat was erratic. So I decided not to torment him anymore.


breezmister said...

My Condolences Bob

White Picket Fence said...

Bob, I am so sorry to hear about Norman. I found your site because I'm looking for help for Max, my darling 12 year old Pug. He started having seizures a week ago and the vet is trying to be helpful, but isn't sure whats going on. Tumor or epilepsy. Take care of yourself. My thoughts and prayer are with you.