Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mixing Blood and Making Babies

Many years ago, one of my friends, a Filipina, told me that in the Philippines, many if not most of the women prefer white men. The reason, she told me, is they wanted to have what she termed "exotic-looking babies." She called this "mixing blood."

The women wanted their children to be taller, heavier, stronger, better-looking, and lighter-skinned, although being smarter was not one of the prime criteria. "Exoticism" was the main reason.

She also informed me these half-breeds made up the bulk of the most popular entertainers. Nearly all of them, in fact. She also mentioned that most Asian men wouldn't marry an Asian woman darker than they were. They didn't want dark children; they wanted them to be lighter.

She also told me every time her 40ish mother saw someone on TV with blue eyes, she'd yell, "Look, blue eyes!"

I have very blue eyes, and have been on the receiving end of such comments, always from dark-skinned brunettes, Asian women, black women, and Jewish women. In fact, I have been stared at by Filipinas. I've always known the reason for this -- my blond hair and blue eyes. Because I'm light, and they're not.

The theory --actually it's a myth -- is that if everyone in the world interbred, we'd all end up with no race, and everyone the same light brown color. This isn't what would happen. What would happen is that people would arrange themselves into a hierarchy, with the lightest at the top and the darkest at the bottom, just as is done today in every country in the world.

For good or bad, light skin is preferred nearly everywhere. Even in Mexico, which most everyone thinks is nothing but metizos, the upper classes (who are white Spanish) have been breeding themselves lighter and lighter.

One of the most surprising things I ever saw was when I turned on some South American Spanish-speaking TV stations and saw myself looking at a bunch of white people, many of whom had blond hair. I thought I would be looking at a bunch of Antonio Banderas. Hardly. In most cases, I couldn't tell the difference between them and Americans.

I was also surprised to find that most of the rulers of the Arab lands looked European. It appears to be a truism that the lightest always end up ruling, no matter what race is involved.

If, somehow, everyone was the same race, but still had the same genetics of every race in them, sooner or later they'd recreate the races, since same would mate with same. We'd end up with what we have now -- the lighter at the top, the darker at the bottom, the more intelligent at the top, the less intelligent at the bottom. Just the way the world is pretty much right now.

I know a woman who is half African, half white American. She's what is called "high yellow" and essentially has white features. She married a white man with blue eyes (she's also commented on my blue eyes), who is the father of a little girl with white skin, blue eyes and straight black hair. What do you think are the chances that this girl, when she grows up, is going to marry a white man? About 100%, I'd say. In two generations the family has gone from black to white. The black side, in fact, has disappeared.

When I was in college I knew a black woman who would only sleep with white men. When I asked her why, she said: white men are smarter and better-looking, treat women better, and, probably most of all, her kids would be smarter, better-looking -- and lighter.

She reminded me of something I heard Arsenio Hall say once, when he was a teenager and knew a black girl who had broken up with her white boyfriend. Her mother threw a fit, claiming she was a fool for breaking up with "that white boy," claiming "niggers ain't shit," and she'd end up with a "lazy nigger" like she did. Had I heard her say such a thing, I would have stood there speechless. The woman wanted her blackness to disappear.

The extinction of complete races is something that will never happen, no matter what fantasies liberals engage in. Human nature being what it is, not only would the races recreate themselves (isn't that what they originally did in the first place, if indeed they came from one race?), there would be the resentment and hate from those on the bottom toward those on the top, if they try to share the same land. That's why multiculturalism (more accurately named multi-tribalism) will never work.

The yellow-skinned woman I mentioned? She's treated better by whites that she is by blacks. I've seen black men be utterly vicious to her, to the point I thought about hitting them. I know why they acted like that, and I think she does too: envy. They can't stand the fact they know they can't have her, and she is better than they are. That high-yellow skin drives them nuts.

With the minor interbreeding that's going on (and it will always be only that), the races will not disappear, therefore there will always be conflict.That's why different races and ethnic groups should have their own land.

What will happen is that interbreeding will cause those who are non-white to be absorbed into the white race.

So, all the haters out there who'd like to see white people disappear: sorry, it ain' gonna happen. The exact opposite will happen, actually.


Unknown said...

I stumbled upon this post whilst idly surfing the web, and I must say it really freaked me out. Your discourse on white supremacy--or light-skinned hierarchy as you euphemize-- seems insular and backward for someone who claims to have an education. You veil your master-race rhetoric with silly anecdotal evidence to support your argument. What do you make of an African-American family scaling that steep racial hierarchy into the White House? I believe whole-heartedly in freedom of speech, although it's a shame that one must wade through the mire to reach high ground.

Unknown said...

Your commie hallucinations are amusing.

Anonymous said...

"What do you make of an African-American family scaling that steep racial hierarchy into the White House? "

Isn't Obama half-white?