Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sinister Leftist Libertarians

Some libertarians like to delude themselves that they beyond, or perhaps above, the categories of Right and Left. They aren't. No one is. There is no one who can escape Right and Left, no more than they can escape male and female.

In point of fact, Right and Left and male and female are are aspects of the same thing. That's why no one can escape them. It appears to be part of our brain structure, so how can anyone escape his own brain?

The brain has two hemispheres, a right one and a left one. They are, in my opinion, the main influences on Right and Left. That's what I mean about everyone being unable to transcend Right and Left: you can't do it anymore than you can escape your brain.

The left brain, which controls the right side of the body (including the right hand) is more of the "male" side. At least it is associated with "male," and has been for thousands of years (hence the Biblical expression, "the right hand of the Father").

The right side of the brain controls the left side, including the left hand. It has traditionally been associated with the "female."

Additionally, there are layers to the brain, like an onion. The "rational" part of the brain is but a thin layer on top of the enormous emotional part. It's why few people can follow a complicated chain of rational logic, but are easily swayed by appeals to their feelings.

And now we have the rub: emotion is associated with female, rationality with male. Combined with the right and left sides of the brain, we come to some interesting conclusions.

The "male" for obvious reasons has always been associated with the father, and also with rationality and the long-term view. The "female" has always been associated the mother, also for obvious reasons, and also with feelings and the short-term view (because feelings are instantanous judgments).

Politically, then, the Left is mother, feelings, and instantaneous judgments. The Right is Father, reason, and the long-term view.

This division is why liberal (leftists) consistently clobber conservatives (rightists) in debates. The Right deals in facts, the Left in feelings. Since most people aren't particularly rational, and are instead run by their feelings, the Left's appeal to emotion very simply trumps complicated rational argument.

Combined with the Left's "I'm Mommy and I'll take care of you," as opposed to the Right's "I'm Daddy and you should take care of yourself," is it any wonder the Left's Mommy State makes so many inroads into society?

Worse, since the emotional part of the brain is much more primitive than the rational part that sits on top of it (and is supposed to control it), it can be, at its worst, narcissistic, grandiose and self-centered.

Probably the simplest explanation of narcissism is that it means to split everything in either all good or all bad. It's why leftists, being ruled by their feelings and narcissism, sees rightists as being evil (and themselves as being good). Rightists, ruled by their reason, usually see leftists as being deluded, stupid, or just plain daft. But they don't see them as evil.

The grandiosity is why leftists think they are smarter and more moral than everyone else, and why they should rule as Mommy over a nation of what they consider to be eternal children.

All leftists have to do is appeal to the most primitive, emotional, narcissistic, scapegoating part of people. It's why the argument, "Those evil conservatives want to hurt you!" appeals to so many.

Unfortunately, and inescapably, there is even a Left in libertarianism. Of course, they are run by their feelings, are narcissistic and grandiose (which is why they believe in sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, and want no one to have any authority over them or tell them what to do), and see right-libertarians as evil.

It's Freud's "pleasure principle" as opposed to his "reality principle.

A life-long expert on Leftism, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, in his magnum opus Leftism Revisited, pointed out one of the main characteristics of the Left is "the overthrow of the father."

He used 19th-Century Europe as an example. At that time the countries were ruled by mature monarchies, meaning kings and queens. Kings and queens, at their best, are perfect examples of both male and female, reason and emotion, being used to rule.

Unfortunately, the Left in Europe overthrew the monarchies (none of which would fight back), and the 20th-Century became the century of European Leftism, and with it up to 200 million people dead. And all of them at the hands of leftists such as Hitler and Stalin -- grandiose, narcissistic men who gained power by appealing to people's feelings and their desire to be taken care of by the Mommy State.

Today, the Left in libertarianism, being self-centered, grandiose and narcissistic, does not want to submit to any self-control or any voluntary authority other than their own desire for pleasure. It's why critics of libertarians refer to them as libertines or "loserdopertarians." They think all of them want nothing but the aforementioned sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, and license instead of liberty. And they have a point.

The libertarian Left also wants to overthrow the libertarian Right, because it sees it as "the father," one who they believe is evil and wants to tell them you can't devote you life to physical pleasure and childishness, because you will only end up degraded. If you read any leftist-libertarian sites, you'll see a great many vicious attacks on the libertarian Right.

Not surprisingly, the word "left" throughout history has always meant "sinister." Always, everywhere, people have seen what the Left does when it gains ascendency.

Ideally, people need both Right and Left in balance, as in the aforementioned kings and queens, who are examples of reason and feelings, male and female. But when you go to extremes, especially with the hard Left, then you are inescapably looking at very bad trouble.

All of this is something Right libertarians should keep in mind about Left libertarians: they want to overthrow what the see as the father. They want to destroy. It's why they believe in open borders; they want to destroy nation, state, neighborhoods and families. It's why the see homosexuality as equal to heterosexuality, even though that two percent of the population that is homosexual is responsible for one-third of all sex crimes and two-thirds of all AIDS cases. It's why they believe so much in promiscuous casual sex and irresponsible drug use. It's why critics correctly call them "libertines."

The Left is quite good at redining terms to suit its agenda. The neocons, who are leftists, have redefined conservatism so they appear to be conservatives and not leftists. Modern "conservatism" today is just another name for leftism.

Left-libertarians are trying to do the same: define themselves as the true libertarians, and expell the Right. The first rule of all tribes is, "Do not disagree," and those who break the taboos and expelled and scapegoated. And all tribes, without fail, have taboos and scapegoats, even the libertarian ones. And we think we're so advanced. Har.

What will Right libertarians do? Will they ultimately give in and let the libertine Left win? Let them define the Right as evil? Claim that destruction of family and neighborhood is what libertarianism truly is?

As always, only time will tell. But forwarned, as always, if forearmed.

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Craig J. Bolton said...

This is one of the stupidest and most counterfactual comments I've seen in a long time. Let's see. The Right is "rational". Must be why they are always beating their chests and wanting to get the country in another war. Must be why they see the world as "us" and "them." Must be why they, not the Left, persistently see their enemies of the day as "Evil," not as wrong or fanatical [because, of course, they are fanatical] but Evil. Haven't you noticed after nearly 8 years of a pre-eminently Rightest President backed up by, ahhh, Rightest "libertarians".