Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Goddamn Stupid Scots-Irish Cannon-Fodder Ancestors

"Some folks are born made to wave the flag,
Ooh, they're red, white and blue.
And when the band plays hail to the chief,
Ooh, they point the cannon at you, lord."

"Fortunate Son," Creedence Clearwater Revival

I'm three-quarters Scots-Irish, out of Tennessee and Kentucky and the Missouri Ozarks. The other quarter is German and some Cherokee. I am very familiar with low-class Scots-Irish culture, having been raised in it.

I was hanging out in bars by the time I was 15. I knew girls who were having sex at 15, 14, 13. I know about the sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll. I know about the anti-intellectualism, the obsession with sports, the misguided patriotism, the militarism, and the evangelical Christianity that has little to do with the teachings of Jesus.

And more than anything else, I know these dumbfuck dickheads have been used as cannon-fodder for the last several hundred years by "the elites" (I use that term neutrally). Even today, most of the military is rural Scots-Irish kids, dying for a Connecticut Yankee like George Bush (he's no Texan) and the rest of the people in D.C., almost all of them out of Harvard and Yale and Princeton.

In the War Between the States, most of the soldiers on both sides were Scots-Irish. Brothers killing brothers! Just how stupid can you get?

George Patton said the Scots-Irish were the most fierce warriors in the world, never conquered. Cool, but so what, when you're cannon-fodder for people who think that's your purpose in life? What's so great about being a drunken homicidal swarm that commits mayhem on people halfway around the world, at the orders who someone who had, and has, no intention of fighting?

And then when you come back (if you come back), with all you limbs if you're lucky, you find yourself out of a decent job because the rich and politically-connected prate about flooding the country with Third Worlders, because they'll do jobs "Americans don't want to do." What a way to treat those who "defended" their country.

Vifredo Pareto (and anyone else who has a lick of sense) wrote the masses were Sheep, and the rulers Foxes who use fraud, and Lions who use force. What he meant is that a very small group of people, a few hundred, can rule millions. Of course, it's obvious they couldn't do it unless the Sheep went along with it. That's what I mean about the misguided patriotism and the belief in the military. The Sheep aren't defending their country: they're defending the Foxes and Lions, who won't fight themselves (you don't see Bush's daughters in the military). Only the Sheep don't know it, the dopes!

The richer and the politically-connected, when they gain control of the government, and the media, and the schools, use propaganda to brainwash the masses into fighting and dying. And the hypnotized sheep go right along with it, thinking they're being patriotic.

There is a scene in the movie Braveheart where the English send Irish conscripts charging the Scottish lines. That never happened in real life, but one of English officers sums the attitude of all the "elites" like him: "They're just Irish conscripts."

What did happen in life is that the English used Welsh archers, with the Welsh longbow, to try to mow down the Scottish. The English using Celts to kill Celts, just the way the Lions and Foxes have always used the Sheep to murder "the enemy."

Are these people ever going to wake up? Will they ever see through the lies of the federal government, the schools, and the churches? All of whom are convincing them to sacrifice their lives for someone else? And what do they get in return? To be the only ethnic group that it is okay to mock? To be called Cracker, and redneck, and hillbilly and white trash? That's the ugly reality.

A little education is in order here. Or, maybe, a lot. But since it hasn't worked in the last one thousand years, I don't expect it to work anytime soon.

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