Wednesday, June 15, 2016

If Nothing Else Trump Has...

...put and end to the mass-murdering Bush crime family with the public's complete repudiation of "White Hispanic" Jeb!

If Trump wins the election (and I'm convinced he will) that's the end of the Hildebeast's presidential aspirations. Chelsea Hubbell (her father is Webb Hubbell, not Bill Clinton) will never be a viable candidate since she's completely ridiculous.

I wonder who the next political crime family will be? I don't see any on the horizon.

Perhaps with the Internet now as a global brain there might not be any more political crime families. At least it's nice to think that.


Anonymous said...

No more Bushes in the White House? Sounds good to me.

Robert What? said...

I'm Bushed of Clintons.

The Damage Dealing Meat Shield said...

I hope to never hear of the Bushes or the Clintons for the rest of my life. These two names have been in my psyche since I was a child.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much all the presidents of the USA have been cousins to some degree. Our "democracies" are simply aristocracies, and this was the intent right from the beginning. To find your next crime family, just check the passenger manifest of the Mayflower.

As for me - I'm a loyal subject of Her Majesty, Queen of Australia - God blessah!

Twarog said...

'Pretty much all the presidents of the USA have been cousins to some degree. Our "democracies" are simply aristocracies, and this was the intent right from the beginning.'

The difference between the aristocracy of yester-year, and the American oligarchy of today, is that in the old days, even the aristocrats lived with a certain degree of accountability for their decisions. The political, business, and media elites of today have deliberately rigged the system so that nobody in power need ever fear any serious consequences for gross incompetence. Politicians bail out bankrupt businessmen, businessmen pump money into failing media outlets, and media outlets provide smokescreen cover to incompetent politicians. How many prominent pundits or political functionaries lost their jobs and/or influence for being totally wrong about the Iraq War? Visiting the DC suburbs during the recession, you would have said "Recession? What recession?". I don't object to an elite running most of the important offices in my country- that's the natural order of things. I do object to an elite who are rewarded more for bad decisions than for good ones.

If I end up voting for Mr. Trump (and it increasingly looks like I shall), it will be for many reasons, but one in particular springs to mind: because everyone in the suburbs of Washington D.C. with a multi-million-dollar house is sh**ting his pants in fear at the prospect of a President Trump. Good. Fear may teach them that actions have consequences.