Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Only the Middle Class Counts

“America sees Washington as the capital of vacant, empty souls, chattering among the pillars…” - Peggy Noonan

I’ve pointed out before the reason we had our First War of Independence is that not only were we oppressed by the British Crown, but that they had imported their decadent elites into our middle-class country.

For the matter, our Second War of Independence (the War between the States, or the War for Southern Independence) was not about slavery, but the elites in the North trying to economically and politically exploit the South.

Or as Thomas Paine wrote in Common Sense, the elites in Europe wanted “luxury, indolence, amusement, and pleasure.” You can see that in our own political elites, such as the Bushes and Clintons, who, being parasites, live, as all parasites live, on the blood of others.

Only the middle class counts. Without it, this country would be far reduced from what it is, to the point it would be unrecognizable.

Today we have our economic and political elites trying to exploit the masses. Hence the rise of Trump, who is part of the elite but has apparently turned “traitor” to them, meaning he’s putting the country above his own class. It’s happened before.

Not all “elites” are decadent. The political ones always are, but the natural aristocracies aren’t.

Thomas Jefferson divided the elites into the “natural” ones and the “artificial” ones, the latter being based on “birth and blood.”

Most people can see through both the Clintons and Bushes, but I’ve seen people who can see through the Bushes but not the Clintons, and others who can see though the Clintons but not the Bushes.

It’s astonishing the delusions of some people, but then, ultimately, the whole human race is deluded. But some of us are far less deluded than others.

Andrew Carnegie funded most of the libraries in the United States and before he died gave away most of his money. J.P. Morgan bought a huge amount of art and funded many museums across the U.S.

Say what you will about Bill Gates, but he is using his money to fight diseases and fund sanitation throughout the world, and is planning to give away his money when he dies.

What have the Bush and Clinton crime families ever done except start wars and murder people and make fortunes from it? What charities or other organizations have any of foul, greedy criminals even given a cent to? What have either of them done for this country except lie, steal, exploit, extort and murder?

The very wealthy are parasites and so are the deserving poor. There are many similarities between them: the laziness, the indolence, the drugs, the sex, the trying to live off of the blood and sweat of others, the lying, the crime, the blaming of their problems on other people.

None of the Bushes have ever had a job and since they’ve gone into politics neither have the Clintons – corrupt, greedy, blood-thirsty liars.

The government is now supporting policies to destroy the middle class and create more super-wealthy and poverty-stricken poor.

Our political “elites” - the Bushes and Clintons – are bad people. Both, no matter what they say, want to destroy the middle class. Otherwise they wouldn’t support destructive policies to export jobs and import the stupid.

“Virtue is not hereditary.” – Thomas Jefferson


Unknown said...

bill gates is a eugenics guy who thinks there are too many people on mother earth. so do you really think he is trying to help the poor with vaccinations.

Unknown said...

Only loons think the purpose of vaccinations is to kill people. If you stuck a nail into your foot you'd be at the doctor getting a tetanus vaccination in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates is no friend of the American middle class.

AAB said...

Unknown said...
bill gates is a eugenics guy who thinks there are too many people on mother earth. so do you really think he is trying to help the poor with vaccinations.

If vaccinations were really used by the elites to either stupify, sterilise, or kill people enmasse then the Small Pox eradication programmes would have resulted in mass stupification, infertility, or death in the 1950s and before. But it didn't. People are still relatively smart, fertile, and alive. The same goes with other vaccinations like polio.

Bill Gates may or may not be a nice guy, but the theory that vaccinations are used for population control is as wrong as the theories that 'chemtrails' are used for population control. Be greatful that there are people who develop and enforce vaccinations. Because they are the reason that you don't have smallpox, polio, tetanus or any number of virulent diseases.

Unknown said...


I did not make the claim you infer regarding vaccines (I do not think they work nearly as well as purported and in many case do more harm then good). but I do think you should do some research into vaccines.

to try to negate my post you use the dirty tricks of the progressives ...which you may well be.

Unknown said...

no uncle bob I would not be looking for a tetanus shot. do some research on vaccines and in particular the history of tetanus and that of the tetanus vaccine as well as historical time lines of the illness.

you are a smart guy why are you so blind regarding some subjects?

and no I do not think anyone is spraying shit to make chemtrails.

Unknown said...

My old girlfriend's aunt died of tetanus when he was two. Her father told her it was a horrible death. It was before there were tetanus shots.

I have a smallpox vaccination scar on my left bicep. No one gets them anymore because there is no more smallpox.

I know all the pros and cons of vaccination, and only fools don't vaccinate their kids against serious diseases.

Unknown said...

Bill Gates is no friend of yours or Americans. He's the typical globalist. He made his fortune with dirty deals. His Operating Systems are almost always crap but his monopoly on the market is absolute. I'm old enough to remember how bad and unworkable both DOS and the first Windows program were, but IBM insisted their clones all be fitted with this garbage. I doubt there is a real illuminati, but an elitist class of insiders who get unwarranted breaks and monopoly rights is undeniable. Gates and his Foundation are frauds. Its about as charitable as the Clinton's Haiti Fund. These Trusts are just tax shelters, who can make all the profit they want tax free and only give a meager 3% of their worth out every year. This scumbag is so crooked he actually uses the money to purchase computers for the poor, with his company's OS of course.

Unknown said...

' the theory that vaccinations are used for population control is as wrong as the theories that 'chemtrails' are used for population control'

Heck who needs vaccinees for population control...just flood the market with birth control, feminism, obesity, and effeminate men and eventually the population will have a birth rate below replacement level.

AAB said...

Blogger Unknown said...

I did not make the claim you infer regarding vaccines

No, but the two sentences you wrote did strongly imply that. And to say that I'm a progressive is way off. I was simply making an inference from your short, two sentence post. A perfectly logical inference at that. If you don't believe the proverbial chemtrail theories, great.