Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feminism as a Self-Destructive Parasitic Disease

There are two well-known mating strategies: "r" and "K". "r" is low-to-moderate IQ, promiscuous, "liberal," produces a lot of kids but doesn't take very good care of them. "K" is high IQ, "conservative," monogamous, doesn't have many kids but takes good care of them.

You can see this split illustrated in the movie Idiocracy, in which the high-IQ couple ends up not having any kids because they wait too long, while the low-IQ white trash has dozens of kids by different women and doesn't take much care of them at all.

What counts as modern-day feminism is mostly "r" (to be more precise, a lot of young, deluded women want to start out "r" and then turn into "K"). Can anyone honestly say that any feminist is truly intelligent? That they are anything but low to moderate IQ? They certainly are liberal and promiscuous, and kids mean nothing to them. If children did mean anything to them, they wouldn't be for abortion, including partial-birth ones. Or want to give them to day-care and poorly-paid brown-skinned workers.

The "r" reproductive strategy is inherently self-destructive. This means liberalism and feminism are fated to destroy themselves. For that matter, can you think of any leftist society that didn't collapse?

Even a high-IQ "r" society would collapse. The only thing that would keep it going is advanced technology - abortion, birth control and treatments for venereal diseases. And psychologically, the lack of commitment and sexual promiscuity would have devastating emotional effects on people.

The only fictional high-IQ "r" society I know of is in the science-fiction novel, The Mote in God's Eye. The aliens, know as Moties, are essentially high-IQ high-breeders. What happens? Their society always totally destroys itself, and has to begin anew. This has happened to them over and over for hundreds of thousands of years.

There is a short story, "The Marching Morons" (which Idiocracy might have been based on) in which the world is inundated with dumbasses. The ending is unpleasant: all the morons are shot into space to die, along with the man who planned their demise.

There are a few other problems that seal feminism's fate.

There is a long-running Broadway play called "Defending the Caveman." I was listening to the man who performed it on the radio. He said that while men consider women mysterious, women consider men always wrong. He commented that during a performance a woman in the audience stood up and screamed, "They ARE wrong."

Carl Jung had noticed this same destructive flaw in women, and in fact said it was their greatest and most destructive flaw, and that in order to attain well-being women must give it up. When you add "r" to thinking-they-are-always-right, I shouldn't have to explain where that leads.

What I will explain is that when you think you are always right, you must find someone to blame all your problems on. For feminists it has to be men. Thus, you have heard (as have I): "Men are responsible for all the problems in the world."

This blaming others for your problems is called scapegoating or projection. It is our first and most primitive defense, and all very young children engage in it. It explains why liberals always blame their problems on other people, and why liberals (and feminists) are about four years old emotionally.

Scapegoating is the basis of human sacrifice: we must sacrifice these people to our sacred god and things will get better. This is what the most rabid of feminists (and some of the not so rabid) are trying to do to men.

A perfect example of this projection, thinking you are always right, and human sacrifice is the Adria Richards' kerfluffle, in which a feminist (and let's face facts: she's a dog) saw nothing wrong with claiming she was unbearably offended by two men supposedly - I repeat supposedly - making some very mild and silly jokes about "forking" and "dongles." One of the innocent men got fired, as did Richards. And I guarantee you Richards thinks the man should have been fired but not her. After all, in her your-year-old's mind, she was right and he was wrong.

Feminists lack any ability to reflect on their beliefs and behavior. Any society which gives women too much power (as our has) is a society doomed to destruction. Ultimately women destroy everything they get involved in - education, single parents, voting. It has happened without fail in the past, it is happening now, and it will happen in the future.

You can see what women are in mythology - they are always portrayed as both nurturer and destroyer - nurturers because they give life through birth, and destroyers when they get involved in things for which they are not suited.

Feminism is in fact a parasite. Men created civilization, science and technology. Women didn't. It's not because of oppression or "patriarchy." It's because men and women have different brains.

It is logical that the more men withdraw from society and education and marriage - because none of them are no longer worth it because of the destructive influence of feminism - the more society will go backward.

Sooner or later feminism will destroy itself. Thinking you are always right doesn't mean you are right. Ignoring the fact feminism in a parasite on men's accomplishments doesn't go away just because of ideology. And thinking a "r" reproductive strategy is one that will support society is just bizarre. The whole of history is against it.

The whole human race goes in cycles of accomplishment followed by destruction. Maybe someday we'll figure out how to break that cycle.


Anonymous said...

It is not beyond my thinking that feminism is a natural outgrowth of human societies overshooting their intellect. Men create advanced (for their time, the Roman and Arab golden ages were advanced for their time) civilization and let off the gas pedal, and almost immediately their women exploit their complacency and ruin occurs.

The late Roman empire was weakened by a series of 'women-friendly' initiatives, so was the Umayyad Caliphate, and so on. unsurprisingly the beginning of the decline of the Ottoman Empire is the "Sultanate of Women" period.

There is something that defines nearly all the dead empires of human history, and we can no longer claim it is slavery as many early historiographers have claimed.

Something the academics seem to want to ignore.

Colinsky said...

Uncle Bob, what do you think about Camille Paglia? She's a lesbian but I'm not sure if she's a feminist. She seems to admire and value what men do. One of her catch-phrases is advice to the sexes:
"Men--get it up!"
"Women--deal with it!"

Unknown said...

Paglia's most famous saying is that without men, women would still be living in grass huts. P.J. O'Rourke said a similar but humorous thing: without men civilization would last until the next oil change.

Unknown said...

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